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iUniforms     Instructions / instrucciones


School Uniform Policy

Mandatory Uniform School Palm Glades stands on the premise that the first requirement of a high quality educational experience is establishing a safe and disciplined learning environment. The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Minimize disruption and distractions
  • Feel a sense of school spirit and pride
  • Reduce the pressure and cost of wearing certain brands or styles of clothing
  • Provide the student population a neat and uniformed appearance

Uniforme Escolar Obligatorio Palm Glades se encuentra en la premise de que el primer requisito de una experiencia educativa de alta calidad es la de establecer un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro y disciplinado. El propósito de los uniformes es para:

  • Reducir al minimo las interrupciones
  • Sentirse orgullosos de su escuela
  • Reducir la presión y el costo de usar ciertas marcas o estilos
  • Darle a la población estudiantil una apariencia limpia y uniforme

Inifòm Lekol Egzijib

Palm Glades kampe sou lide ke bonjan edikasyon mande yon anviwònman la pè e ak disiplin.

Inifòm nesesè paske li:

  • Diminye tout distraksyon
  • Devlope lakay elèv yo respè pou lekol la
  • Dimiyie presyon paran nan achte rad ak soulye ki koute chè
  • Bay tout elèv yo on pesantasyon ki bel ak ki fè tout moun sample
school uniform


COLORS: Khaki or Navy Blue 
NO Shorts Allowed
Skirts MUST BE knee length

  • Pants – Khaki or Navy Blue uniform pants (no jeans or Black pants)
  • Skorts/Skirts - Khaki or Navy Blue (knee length)

Students are required to wear a BELT

Tops/Camisas de Polo

COLORS: Yellow, Blue, or White
Shirts – Polo type, buttoned Oxford with school log

  • Polo Colors –Blue, Yellow, or White. NO Sleeveless or Midriff Shirts
  • PGA approved school logo is required for all school polos.
  • NO HOODIES or Pullovers (student safety). Jackets can be black, white, blue or gray. Jackets must contain a zipper or buttons with no graphics. A small logo is allowed on the chest.


  • Shoes – Closed toe shoes with covered heels and laces ONLY.
  • SANDALS or HEELS are not allowed.
  • NO Bedroom Shoes, Slides, or Crocs allowed.

All uniforms must fit properly. Students are not allowed to wear hats, caps, bandannas, bonnets, headscarves, or any type of headwear. PE uniforms are MANDATORY for all students enrolled in PE classes. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make sure that students are following all uniform requirements. Uniforms can be ordered from iUniform.com For additional information or questions, please contact us at 786-272-2269.